Snowy Village Reaction Video

"People Try Snowflakes For The First Time"

With the coming of our new U.S. launch, we wanted people who never tried Snowy Village, to try it for the first time ever. We asked people from ages 1-80 to come and try our dessert and recorded their reactions! We hope that through this video, people will be enticed to try Snowy Village themselves.


“Visiting patrons can therefore expect to find a range of Korean-inspired Patbingsu (Bingsoo), which primarily consists of sweet red beans and shaved ice, paired with fruit toppings. Taiyaki, a fish shaped pastry filled with red bean paste will also be available.”

“Snowy Village has been hyped up so much recently in another city that I'm from, and so when I got a chance to try it in Vancouver I was all over it. Shaved ice made from milk - wow! We got there around 945 on a Saturday night and there was a short line waiting outside the door.”

“If you’ve somehow managed to escape the constant stream of photos of Snowy Village’s dessert beauties on social media, here are a few to snaps to show you what downtown is about to be treated to. Enjoy and get your spoons ready!”

“This is a café you are going to want to frequent either at their location on the Golden Road in Richmond or at their soon to open location downtown Vancouver. The Bingsoo is a dessert that I have been craving since my first visit and I’ll be back their soon.”

“This was the most decorated of the three bingsoos I tried this week and I loved it. I’m biased for matcha and this scenario did not change my bias one bit. It was as good as the powder snow I’d tried at Spaghetei albeit without the crunchy sugar crystals.”

“Snowy Village Dessert Cafe is the hottest…or should I say coolest dessert shop in Richmond at the moment. Line ups are long every evening and if you come in a group of 4 or more, you are going to be waiting for a while during peak times.”

“Matcha Green Tea Bingsoo: Matcha green tea powder with Korean rice cakes, red bean, green tea cake, and almonds. I like the creaminess and milkiness for the shaved ice itself. It is different than pure ice shavings. It has a good mouth feel as it melts quickly in your mouth.”

“Their process of shaving the ice makes it extra fluffy, he said, although when asked to describe the method in more detail, Song declined, saying it was their secret competitive advantage.”

“I’ve tried four flavours so far – my favourite is the “Green Tea Bingsoo”. This shaved ice milk is topped with matcha green tea powder, condensed milk, mochi pieces, and red bean. I love that each bingsoo is heaped into a mountain of “snow” or shaved ice, because I just can’t get enough!”

“Snowy Village recently opened up in Richmond to an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm, that they’re having trouble accommodating all their customers – that’s why you’ll see a lineup every time you walk by.”

“The shaved ice is absolutely heavenly by itself as well - think of scooping up freshly fallen snow mid-December, that's exactly the texture of this bingsoo which is also milky and sweet.“

“At Snowy Village, they use milk shaved iced in the bingsoo rather than regular ice at other places like Icy Bar. The result is a very refined texture which is just subtly sweet. The heap of mango toppings did not disappoint in terms of portions“